Why The Masses Are Turning To Network Marketing

More and more people are looking for extra income, a way out of their mundane nine to five jobs, a path to build not only their livelihood but to build something that seems worthwhile, that has meaning. The tide is turning to network marketing. But why Network Marketing? Simply put, because the world has become a network.

The past ten years has changed our world in many dramatic ways, but possibly none so dramatic as online social networking. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing, how they feel, and what food they are eating. Everyone has a podium, and (no matter how small) an audience paying, if not rapt, then meager attention to status changes and selfies. Networking has become the new norm, therefore the way we make money should naturally follow suit. The problem is we human creatures are slow to adapt old ideas to new world thinking. A nine to five complacent, fluorescent filled career is still seen as the “safe and normal” way to make a living. And, let us be honest, other ways of making money (such as network marketing and even small businesses) have had their reputations tarnished over the years, which doesn’t help our paradigms to change, therefore our thinking stagnates. But there is hope for us still. We are capable of one glorious thing… Change.

The change has started in the business world. Knowledge. Wharton did a study in 2014 of successful business models, and in each category, network marketing outshone the others, with sales growth and profit margin almost over 20 percent in favor of network marketing. They also noticed something pivotal, “Physical things do not scale quickly, easily or cost effectively. Building the U.S. interstate highway system took 35 years and an estimated $425 billion (in 2006 dollars). In contrast, Facebook grew to 500 million users in a little more than six years. Digital technology and networks make all the difference.”

Another study done by Harvard Business review found that out of four business model types: asset builders, service providers, technology creators, and network orchestrators; that the network orchestrators drowned the others. “Network Orchestrators outperform companies with other business models on several key dimensions. These advantages include higher valuations relative to their revenue, faster growth, and larger profit margins.”

The change started with large companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware, but now there is a change coming to the masses, starting slowly like a tremor in the water; it’s swelling, amassing into a movement too loud, too momentous to ignore. The ideals of making money from nine to five are becoming disheartening the more our society changes. With world business leaders such as Warren Buffet, telling those waiting in the tide that to be successful you must “find a way to make money while you sleep”, this movement is beginning to tear down the old platitudes, dictums thought to be truisms of business, replacing the emphatic dogma with business ownership and more affluent, well rounded, and fulfilled people.

The world needs this change. Many people are retiring with nothing in their savings, most people have less than a thousand dollars in the bank. Pensions are underfunded and taxes are taking their tolls. Adding any income regularly would be monumental, not only individually, but to our greater economic success. Working with and around the need for social networking, we want to be engaged with not only what we are doing, we want others to be engaged with us. This gives us a singular opportunity, to not only make a sorely needed business model, based on what our lives truly encompass, but it also gives us the ability to put a touch of humanity back into social networking and back into network marketing. To be active in someone’s life not only to socialize but to help that person with growing their business and expanding their financial future, is a powerful and intoxicating feeling, one that is driving this movement forward.

It’s up to those of us smart enough, and brave enough, to join the wave of business revolution, and to bring others, less willing, into the sea of monetary opportunity. Don’t let yourself, or others, miss the possibility to take control their financial futures and be left at low tide.

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