Vocation With A Purpose

Vacation with Purpose

The sun, the sea, the sand . . . Say “Cabo San Lucas” and all the clichés apply. But sprinkle in a whole squad of trip-earners from M.Network, and we’re setting new standards of awesome!

Ninety-three M.Network businesses qualified for our first-ever incentive trip, something statistics experts and renowned sociologists would classify as “fan-freaking-tastic”!

When you attach the term “all-inclusive” to an experience, it makes it extra-magical, and the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort definitely earned all of its stars: The food was delicious and plentiful, the accommodations were stellar, and the staff made it feel better than home. (Seriously, does your home include maid service, golf-cart rides wherever you want to go, and clean towels at every turn?)

The collection of like-minded souls made for a fantastic business meeting on Wednesday morning—and not just because we got to wear shorts and t-shirts. CEO Ryan Anderson kicked things off and set the tone, which looks something like this: Business x (Fun + Laughter2) ÷ Gratitude = M.Network. From there we talked about the M Sample Program, fundraising, products and more.

“I loved the training meeting!” says M3 Noble Lark Galley. “I enjoyed Dr. T’s presentation  comparing products that are actually on the market, and how M products stack up favorably…. Way to go, M!”

The morning wrapped with recognition for all businesses present, with the bonus feature of a personal note from Ryan about everyone he introduced.

After a few days’ worth of camel rides, glass-blowing demos, boating, and NBP (“networking by the pool”), the event closed with an amazing dinner and fire pit on the beach. Ryan took a few moments to reflect on where M has come from and where we’re going, then he invited others to share their thoughts.

M3 Kat Barnes is still fired up. “I’ve come ‘home’!” she says. “There was no greed or ego at this event. Everyone who was there will help ANYONE who raises their hand and says ‘I want it!’

“And I love the attitude of making a million thousand-aires instead of a thousand millionaires!”

There were a lot of strong-willed personalities and business-building leaders present, so one might have expected people to say how hard they’re going to work, how much more they were going to do for themselves and for their teams, etc. But the two most-repeated themes of the night were at least as impactful: “I’m grateful…” and “I’m blessed…”

Thanks, leaders. Your M.Network corporate team feels the same about you.

(And we’re just as excited to get back to work, too!)

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