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Like most people you meet, Heidi Totten enjoys spending time with family, going to movies with friends . . . and driving a Jeep through Kenya, delivering school supplies, hygiene kits, farm animals—and hope—to grateful families there.

“I run a charitable foundation called ‘100 Humanitarians,’” she explains. “We’ve built out a core program that we call ‘Business Boxes for Families’ that provide a cow, a goat, five chickens, three garden boxes, 10 trees, Days for Girls reusable hygiene kits, and mentoring and education on how to turn it all into a sustainable business.” Gulp. Is that all?

Nope—Heidi continues to aim high. “I’ve been a business coach/strategist for the past four years,” she says, “And I was burning out quickly working with so many clients.

“I knew I had a bigger vision for what I needed to do, but I just felt like I was a hamster on a wheel, trying to figure out how to help more people.”

Thankfully (for Heidi, for M.Network, for Kenya and probably for the world), Heidi recently was introduced to M’s products and home-based-business opportunity. “Lark Galley came over the first week of April and said, ‘I know what you want to do with your organization, and [M] will have an impact.’

“She was right!” exclaims Heidi. “I met with Ryan Anderson, and the energy and the vibe I got was that M.Network was really different, and focuses on the people, and not just the product. That was huge for me. I love the culture that we are all building and creating together.”

So strong was her belief in M and in herself that Heidi jumped in with both feet, and the results have been jaw-dropping: She enrolled 100 new members in her first three weeks. Her favorite products are no surprise. “GO gets me moving, and Core•AO just makes me feel better,” she declares. And when she wants to introduce M products to people, “I start off with asking them what they are struggling the most with . . . From there it’s just sharing the right Stik!”

Heidi’s favorite Stik story: “I was speaking at a networking event, and I had some SMART in my water, and kept the Stik on the table,” says Heidi. “When people asked me what I was drinking, I told them that it was my SMART Stik so that I would sound smart while speaking. Three people from that table are now in the process of joining us!”

Making a difference in ways large and small—that’s the M.Network way.

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