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“We live with three beautiful, crazy girls,” Brandon reports. “Jessica, 11, who loves singing; Avah, 4, who loves gymnastics; and Talia, 2, who loves EVERYTHING!” (Daughter Christina, 21, and likewise beautiful and crazy, has moved out and is studying veterinary medicine.) This Milton, Ontario, family enjoy travel, especially to tropical locations. According to Michele: “There’s nothing better than spending time with family and friends overlooking the water!”

Brandon loves to talk about making such trips possible. “Our mindset is to believe that anything and everything is possible,” he says. “Everyone has the right to live the life they deserve.” That mindset, and their shared belief in themselves and in others, lead them to network marketing—and, ultimately, to M.Network.

And what’s the earth-shattering, life-changing, choir-of-angels story about how they found M? Well, it’s really not all that dramatic. “We’ve created so many longterm, true relationships with some amazing people,” says Brandon. “It was through our friendship with Josh Wyles—simply asking him, in casual conversation, ‘So, what have you got going on right now?’—that our future took the most amazing turn we could have imagined.”

Building their own future keeps them moving, and they’re so glad to know M is a part of it. “After we had picked apart the comp plan, we got on a call with CSO Ryan Anderson,” recalls Brandon. “When he explained the reason for starting this company with the other owners…he shared the vision for M.Network, and why M stands for ‘Members.’ It was then that we realized we weren’t alone in our frustrations, and we could be a part of the most disruptive change in our industry.”

And while the networking industry certainly could use a little disruption, its foundation is what keeps workers dreaming, and keeps dreamers working. “We have an industry that really levels the playing field,” declares Brandon. “[It] can put your average person at the same level as a corporate CEO, and well on the journey to becoming the person [they] become. Changing our lives is just a decision away, and by making that decision we can impact so many people and deliver real value into their lives to start a domino effect of transformation.”

Brandon and Michele have found great success utilizing the M videos. “They just captivate anyone who watches them,” Brandon affirms, “with valuable information presented in the most amazing and engaging way. Everyone instantly thinks ‘quality products and company.’” Their second go-to method is sharing M products, by under-promising and over-delivering, and “the results speak for themselves,” says Brandon. “When you have a product that works so fast, it does all the heavy lifting for you, so it ‘sells itself.’ No selling, no convincing, just try it and see.”

Brandon gives the rundown on their M faves: “Michele’s favorite product, by far, is CoreAO. She’s always been a pop drinker… She just didn’t like drinking water. But the amazing flavor of CoreAO has her drinking it like it’s going out of style! I have never seen her drink so much water in my life. Thank you, M•STIKs!”

And for him? “Mine has got to be SOUL, because I love the way it enhances my mood. And the taste is off the charts. TRIM and BURN are also right up there, because after fighting with weight for many years, I lost 20 lbs in my first three weeks of taking these fantastic products!”

The products and the videos invite a lot of interest—and a lot of success. “We had someone see what we were doing on social media, and she reached out to us asking for more information, so we sent her the product video to intro her to the M.Network,” reports Brandon, “The following day she…invited a friend to join… Two Zooms later, and the samples went out. The amazing thing was this prospect hadn’t left her house in just over a year! The first day of taking the samples she was out at the park with her husband and kids with a new lease on life.

“This is why we do what we do!”

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